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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Calgary Strong and Proud

In case some of you haven't heard (I don't know where you're all from), much of my beloved city is under water right now.  This is something out of the movies, or a monsoon/hurricane zone...not my Calgary.

I have been evacuated, forced out yesterday, not because of water but because the power was shut off.  As far as I know, my building is still dry (we are a good 12 blocks from the Elbow, and over 15 from the Bow, so it'll just be the stinky rotten food to throw away when we do get to return.  Yes, George is with me, getting to know his uncles better.  At least when I left the house, they were all just staring at each other.  Now that I'm gone, who knows what I'll come home too!

I'm at Mom's.  She is in a neighbourhood far from any water source, and on top of a hill, too boot.  I'll stay there until we get the all clear to head home.  Again, I hope that we are going home to nothing more than spoiled food.  I have friends that have homes under water right now.  I will never complain.

Needless to say, I am still not running or even going to the Box, since I forgot (subconsciously??) to pack any exercise gear.  Heck, in my haste, I forgot make-up!  Will head to Walmart shortly, since I don't know how long I'll be hanging at Mom's.

She is doing better, but still in the hospital. We're playing the waiting game right now, as we wait for a room in a facility to open up, but then again, there are other priorities now.  She's where she needs to be, and is getting the care she needs, so none of us are in a big hurry.

Pray for my city and for Canmore, Banff, High River, Okotoks, Medicine Hat and every other community touched by this chaos.  We will come out the other side stronger for it.

If this works, here's a link to a shot of the flooding.  If not, go to Global TV and follow the #abfloods links.

In the meantime...stay dry and safe.  Hug your family.
Yay for fitness,

1 comment:

Amber said...

Thinking of you and all my other Calgary friends. I really hope your home is OK and you get to go back soon. Sending hugs!