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Monday, July 29, 2013

A difference of opinion

Two weeks down, four weeks to go.  Or so I thought.

My doctor, feeling terrible for missing the stress fracture diagnosis, referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  Not that she thinks I need surgery, but just so she knows that we're doing everything we can to get me healed and running again.  Imagine my surprise when I got the call on Tuesday that my appointment was Thursday morning at 7am.  I love that...not, "are you able to come at 7am?" but "your appointment is 7am".

I understand that specialists are busy in this very large city.  What I didn't expect was a 7am appointment, at a clinic that opens at 7am, with a half dozen other people already there to see the same doctor. about multitasking!  I was handed an x-ray req, and pointed down the hall to radiology.  Again...  Surprised I'm not glowing in the dark these days!!  And, I don't know why we're bothering with all the x-rays, because they don't show anything, as proven by the last set.  But, I am the patient not the doctor, so off I limp.  Wait at x-ray for about a half hour (1 a hospital radiology lab...seriously?!?!), then back to the doctor's waiting area, to sit for another 15-20 minutes, then into the clinic to sit for another 15-20 minutes.  Finally was seen by the Dr's resident, before the Dr herself came to see me.  To announce, rather bluntly, "you are not built for running, so stop".  Period.  Um...okay...but what about my foot/ankle, which is STILL SWOLLEN DESPITE NOT RUNNING FOR TWO MONTHS NOW!  Inside voice, inside voice...  She looked at my new x-rays, and the bone scan, and sent me off for more x-rays.  Seriously...I'm at risk of turning into a super-hero!  Shuffled back to the clinic, where she announced I had flat feet...yup, knew that...they've been flat for my entire 50 years.  And you pronate...yup, hence orthotics.  And your arches have fallen...again, I didn't go to medical school, but I know that.   According to her, there are no fractures, stress or otherwise.  So once more...why is my ankle/foot swollen after two months of inactivity??  Told me to get rid of the boot, stop ART (expensive rub-down aka waste of money...she hasn't seen my guy...I'd pay extra!) and go to physio long enough to get home exercises.  Don't actually pay them for treatment.  Yeah...because we all know physios around the world don't actually want to get paid for their services.  And her prescription for me...walk heel to toe.  Crap...I've been doing it wrong all these years.  AND MY FOOT AND ANKLE ARE STILL SWOLLEN.  Sigh...  My favourite part of this two and half hours of happy good times???  Please come back and see me in 4 weeks.  For what, pray tell?!?!  I am so cancelling that appointment.

I went for my expense rub-down that afternoon (made Dave's day!), and was back at my doctor's on Friday.  Blood-work ordered (rule out Gout and (hopefully) Rheumatoid Arthritis), as is a CT scan.  We will get to the bottom of this.  Although I am happy to be out of the boot, I must admit.  Still have it (I do own it, after all), so if the foot gets bad, I'll slip it back on.

Returned to Crossfit this week as well...Coaches were great at implementing WODs just for me.  Even got my name back on the whiteboard - 45 sit-ups in two minutes.  Went to open gym yesterday and practiced some bench presses (50# max, so far) and will continue to work on that.  Then Mobility, where we really stretched out the hamstrings and calves.  Felt good.  And I went swimming twice...yes...IN THE WATER!  Actually, I hung out at the side, did some pedaling, "running" and other leg things.  Going to continue that two or three times a week, until I'm back in action.

In the meantime...

Yay for fitness,

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