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Monday, December 10, 2012

WOD the hell??

Woke up yesterday, quite surprised that I could move at all, after Saturday's competition.  I looked at the temp outside (-17C with a -26C windchill) and thought I was warm and sleepy, so stayed in bed.

But my mile a day beckoned, so after a quick breakfast and some puttering on the computer, I thought now or never.  And luckily, the Sunday WOD emailed to be by the ever thoughtful Coach E (that was sarcasm, btw) involved some running, so I took off for Talisman, to work out inside.

For time:
  - 25 sit-ups
  - run 800m (1/2 mile)
  - 25 squats (oh, holy heaven!)
  - run 800m
  - 25 squats (are you serious?!?)
  - run 800m
  - 25 squats (crying out loud now)
  - 25 sit-ups

Took me just over 24 minutes to complete this, and I was pleased that I got in my mile and a WOD, and my legs cooperated somewhat.

Today's WOD though was another story...Saturday's workout was slowly settling in to every muscle on my body, and combined with yesterday's squat-a-thon, my quads were not happy!  I don't think my chiro was happy, as he dug at my knee, quad, calf, hamstring and every other tendon and muscle on my left leg for about 15 minutes solid today.  It's going to be such a pretty colour of purple tomorrow...  But after that, I rushed home, changed and dutifully made my way to Crossfit!  I am such a sucker!!

It was a good thing I got there with enough time to run first...seriously don't know if I would have been able to afterwards.  But I squeaked out 1 lone mile (that's all I need!) and went inside just as class was starting.  After a warm-up of lunges, inchworms, bear crawls, crab walks, burpees and ring rows (yes, that was the WARM UP!), we then spent 5 minutes on our hands and heads.  Okay, so everyone else in the class did handstands, and hs push-ups and walked on their hands, blah, blah, blah...I attempted to put my knees on my elbows without blacking out from cutting off my air supply!  I am the only person I know that did not do cartwheels as a child, let alone handstands, flips, etc.  Heck, I could barely do a somersault!  But I'll keep at it...may very well post a pic here one day of me all upside down and all!!!  But back to the WOD...

For time, 3 rounds:
   - 25 push-ups
   - 30 sit-ups
   - 40 squats (oh, all that is holy!!!)
   - 50 double-unders...if you can't do those, then 150 single skips.

Yes, you're reading that correctly...tonight, in 19:21, I managed to do 75 push-ups, 90 sit-ups, 120 squats and jumped rope 450 times!!!  I "may" have completely undone all the hard work Tyler did at chiro today...sad face.

Home to a quick dinner of soup and a sandwich (needed to deal with plumbers (no heat) and burned out lights) but dinner is prepped to plug in tomorrow morning.  Beef stew with carrots and celery, and to which I'll add baby potatoes and peas last minute before I eat.  Smelled good as I was searing the beef.  Can't wait after it burbles all day long.  Yum.

Today I am grateful for my stubborn streak.  It keeps me going long after many would have sulked away.


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