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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going Overhead

It seemed fitting, so I thought I'd blatantly steal the title of today's WOD.

It is, um was, day 2 at work.  In accountant-speak, that means deadlines, pressure and for me, usually a very late night.  I packed all my gear and took it to work with me, with the intention of hitting up Crossfit (there's a  competition of sorts on Saturday, so no regular classes) and returning to the office.  All was going well until someone did something that seems to have messed everything up.  Just happy it wasn't me, and I didn't have to go back to the office, as I would be unable to do anything anyway.  As it was, I still didn't leave till 6 (gotta love 11 hour days) and barely made it to class in time.  Okay, so I missed most of the warm-up, but was there for the WOD.

5 reps...2 minute rest between reps (this is new!!)
 - 3 shoulder press:
   yeah, my arms totally look like this!
 - 2 push press:
  - 1 jerk press:  no photos, but basically a push press with a little "hop" or jerk to get underneath the weight and really push it up.

Sounds simple enough, except that weight gets really heavy by the 5th round...and it doesn't help that Coach is standing there, saying things like "you can handle more weight"...uh-oh!  Started the 1st round with 45 pounds.  After the 2nd round, we upped to 50 lbs...then, for rounds 4 and 5, 55 pounds!  Boo-yah!  I concentrated on form and can really feel it in my shoulders and chest already.  Yikes.  But wait, there's more...didn't think we'd get off that easy, did you??  No, no...after the 5th round, we were to do ME UB pull-ups.  That is maximum effort, unbroken pull-ups.  I am not good at the pull-ups...let's face it...I'm trying to haul up 213 lbs of me on my two little arms!!!  But I did manage (off the box, of course...will try a band next week, but after class...need to practice away from the public glare) to do 14 unbroken.  Just need to work on getting my darn chin OVER the bar, not just gazing up at it!  One day...

After class, I still had to get my mile a day done as well (StridesRunStreak), so I took off for a run through Currie Barracks.  It was a little slicker than yesterday, as there was a nice melt today, and then cooled off enough to freeze over. Took it easy, and ended up with a 1.26 mile loop in 17 minutes.  Home to leftover turkey & vegetable chili, and a catch-up of Criminal Minds.  I like to counter-attack the nightmares of the scary stories with the delicious dual hunkiness of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.  I am grateful for them both...and with that, good night and very sweet dreams!

Most definitely smiling...

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