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Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3

Walked 1.92 miles from the office to the bank and back at lunch, in just over 40 minutes.  Extra butt workout, as hardly any of the businesses had cleaned the walks, after the weekend snow.  Boo.

Got to Crossfit early, so ran through the Barracks (crossfit is located at the former Canadian Armed Forces barracks, before they were closed down in Calgary over 10 years ago...) for 1.12 miles, just to make sure I got my mile in.  Not sure if walking counted, so I thought I'd cover my butt.

Then it was inside to crossfit.
   - warm-up: jump rope 50 times, skip feet jump rope, double under jump rope, split lunges jump rope, jogging jump rope.  Basically, I jumped rope...cannot do all the fancy footwork stuff (yet).  Inchworms, stretching lunges, high-kicks, ring rows (hanging back from the rings, feet on ground, now row...ow), push-ups and squats...10.10.15 for 3 rounds.  Now warm, we moved on to the WOD.

   - for time:  4 rounds of 15 each move.  KB (kettlebell) swings (I used 18lbs), goblin squats (hold kb to your squat),

KTEs (knees to elbows...hang from bar and swing knees up to your elbows...easy-peasy!)...  My KTEs were modified in the fact that I stood on a box before swinging away.

Feeling everything seizing up as I sit here.  Ow.  I think my time as 10:38.  Good benchmark, and one day I'll jump up to the bars and swing day.

Today I am grateful for my new chiropractor dude.  He is very good at the Graston, although I did bruise after last Wednesday's session.  However, the knee is feeling pretty good, and it took punishment at crossfit and running on snow and ice with hardly a whimper.  We may finally be seeing the light at the end of this tunnel...please don't let it be a train!!


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