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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013

My apologies for being AWOL again...but I have been busy.

How has the first week of 2013 been?  Much sweatier than 2012, thank you very much.

I rang in the New Year with 220 some strangers, celebrating the marriage of two friends.  I went solo, which probably wasn't the best of ideas, when it turns out that I knew all of 6 people, and two were the bride and groom!  But I enjoyed a lovely dinner, hung out till midnight and avoided the battle for a cab by staying at the hotel where the reception was.  While I was debating how much more to drink, fate stepped in, with a message from Coach Eric, stating if anyone was interested, he would be at the Box during the day for a workout.  Wine glass down, water glass up!  I skipped the wedding day brunch and checked out, came home, changed and was at the Box in time to get my a$$ handed to me!!!  I knew I was in for a kicking when I walked in, and it was Coach, his wife, mother-in-law (who puts us all to shame!) and another pretty fit cross-fitter ..tried to back out before they saw me, but too late!!!  But what better way to greet a new year than with a Filthy Fifty?!
50 reps of each, before moving on.  For time:
-box jumps
-jumping pull-ups
-KBS (kettlebell swings) (18 lbs)
-walking lunges (25 each leg)
-KTE (knees to elbows _ HARD)
-push press (35 lbs)
-good mornings (35 lbs)
-wall balls (8 lbs)
-burpees (SATAN!!)
-DUs (double-unders, or in my case, 3 x single skips).
-collapse on ground and gasp for air!  Took me just over 37 minutes, but I stuck with it, and am proud that I showed up.  Couldn't move for a few days, but proud!

Back to work on Wednesday, and a short steady 4.5 km run after.  I need to work on my running, as I'll be pacing for the upcoming Half clinic in a week.  While the goal race is Calgary, I'll be running the Vancouver marathon earlier, so will adjust my Sunday training accordingly. Dinner of Guinness and chicken was nice to be back at Barley Mill, given we were out for most of December (darn parties...).

Thursday was a late night at work (Day 2) but I still made it to Crossfit...I am hooked.  Thursday involved learning a new move (TGU - Turkish Get-Ups) and then a Triple for time...5 deadlifts (75 lbs), 10 ring dips and 35 squats, all times 3.  A friend joined up this night...haven't seen her since.  Hope she's okay!!  I went back to work, and rather grudgingly worked until 10:30.  The pizza the others saved for me helped a bit.  Not totally...but a bit.

Yes, I went Friday night BEFORE going to the bar!  It's official...I'm addicted.  Friday was Snatch day...sounds dirty but it's not.  We practised Hang Squat Snatch before the WOD of 5 rounds for time:
- toes to bar
- power snatch (35 lbs)
- wall balls (8 lbs)

Guinness has never tasted so good!  Had fun with friends, celebrating their engagement (at least I know I'll know a lot at this wedding!!) but I was till at home before 10:30, as Crossfit was at 9 am!!

A partner Hero WOD:  these are fun but think, hey, partners...only have to do half the work, and then you add up what exactly you did.  Yikes!  For time: 50/40/30/20/10, so my share was 25/20/15/10/5 of each move (75 of each), before moving on to the next.
-wall balls (8 lbs)
-box jumps (stepped up 20")
-KBS (18 lbs)

Coffee with friends, grabbed some groceries, checked up on Mom, dinner with H-woman and her mom, a tour of Zoolights (last night) and then home, since run club was at 8:30.  By the way, I will never get to sleep in again, ever.  Kind of sad about that.

Ran just over 5km, before heading back towards home to meet up with the girls for coffee (sense a theme here?).  I will admit to a glorious nap yesterday, before getting ready for another work week.  Although this week is going to be long, given I'll have to work FIVE.WHOLE.DAYS!  IN.A.ROW!!!!

Things to work jumps (freaked myself out, so I have to get back to actually jumping), DUs (I am determined to do at least one!), TGUs (those are freaking HARD!) and, yes, burpees.  And blogging.

Happy 2013!  Aroo!!!

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Amber said...

You are doing SO MUCH crossfit! That's awesome. I bet it will really help your running! See you in Vancouver again :)