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Monday, April 30, 2012


How has everyone been??  Can't believe it's been over a month since I've blogged.  Heck, it's been that long since I've even READ any blogs!  What is wrong with me??  Oh yeah...leg injury.

Perhaps injury isn't the right word, but I have been sidelined since about March 15th.  And it's been driving me crazy.  No running, no boot camp, barely any walking for that matter.  Oh, so freaking frustrating!  So, what did I do?  Hard to say, after the loud snapping sound of March 15th, but my therapist's analysis is that my tibialis anterior hadn't quite healed, yet I kept running (didn't hurt that much) and that caused me to shift my gait, and therefore strain my hamstring.  That pulled on the interior of my knee, which is much more vocal about not moving when injured.  Very, very, very vocal!!!  OMG, vocal!  

So, what have I been doing if I haven' been running or boot camping or reading blogs?  Pouting...and eating cookies.  There is, sadly, a strong connection between my exercise levels and my need for sugary comfort food.  I have managed to find 6+ pounds since the beginning of April as a result.  That just made me pout more.  Vicious hamster wheel...

BUT, after many ART treatments and one more whack with the Graston tool of torture, I am moving.  I am squatting, walking, stepping and, joyfully, running.  I managed to do hills last week, although I was punished afterwards with a rather crabby leg, and then 10k on Sunday, which I felt great after.  Boot camp twice last week (and only had to get yelled at once, for trying something I "shouldn't" be doing), and boot camp this morning.  Heaven...okay, so I felt this "" close to barfing (a month off is just bad) but oh, so happy to be back.  Did I mention I have a slightly longer than 10k run scheduled for this Sunday?!  Yes, I fly out to Vancouver on Friday, to meet with Amber, and 14,998 other hardy souls, to complete the marathon.  I will take it slow, trust me, and I will be listening very closely to myself.  Dammit, I've walked Vancouver before, and if I have to, I'll walk it again!  Did I mention Mama raised a slightly stubborn girl!?  I don't want to miss out on the duck route!

Will be spending this week getting all caught up with everyone, and doing my best to get back into blogland.  I'm even debating another blog, about Mom and her struggle with Dementia.  I feel the need to vent...a lot!

Missed you all...

I'm back!!!


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ProGait Gait Analysis Manchester said...

Very well done to you! You're doing great considering you have had an injury too! Good luck for the next race.