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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pre Frozen A$$

Bib is picked up, and packed in bag with two extra tops, honey gels, a protein bar for after the race, and assorted other stuff.  Forecast alternates between sunny and -1C (30F) and "flurries" and -2C.  Either way, perfect temps for running long distances, as far as I'm concerned.  Remember, I overheat quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, due to construction on the pathway (I swear, our city council is on crack..."we want Calgarians to walk/bike more, but in the meantime, we're going to rip up every single pathway at once to "make them prettier", and then can't seem to understand why no one is walking or biking...le sigh) so the course has been adjusted.  No more are we running east from the Forest Lawn Canoe Club to Chestermere and back, but now running east from the club to a hotel about 8km out and back...THREE.EFFING.TIMES. 

I hate loops at the best of times...  This run has just changed from being physical to totally being a mental game.  A HUGE mental game.  You see, after actually reading the rules and regulations posted on race sign-ups (you know, the ones we all check that we read but maybe don't actually look at?) and seeing the words "the use of headphones is strictly prohibited, and/or strongly discouraged", I don't run with music.  Ever.  Besides, I'm almost always running with people and I just think it's rude to run with someone and immediately plug in.  So, the voices inside my head will have to keep me entertained for 50km tomorrow, 'cus the route is not going to be pretty...not in the least.

So why am I doing this?  After all, no bling...not timed...barely anything at package pick-up (the bib, and some samples of Honey Stingers, a protein bar, refuel powder).  My only reasoning is all the cool kids are doing it.  And it'll be my first Ultra.  2012 is the year of firsts, after all.

Dinner is in (baked salmon, asparagus and wild rice pilaf), I am hydrated and will be well rested.  Mr. Garmin is charged, as is the battery for my camera.  Bag is packed and ready to roll.  Initial race outfit is ready to wear. 

Update tomorrow...should I survive!  Pray for me.


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