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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hypothermic Half and run for Sherry

Enjoying teaching the 5k clinic so much I signed on to be the 10k instructor in March, which this class ends.  That'll take me through to the Calgary marathon.  Then we'll switch up gears to train for Sinister 7 - yay to hiking in the mountains all summer again!  To that end, bought a really nice pair of trail runners that cost me NOTHING!  Okay, I volunteered at a run last fall, and remembered this week that I was given a coupon for free runners from Gord's Running Store.  Had to be sure to use it up though, as it expired in a week.  I wanted trail runners, as I have two newer pairs of street runners, so ended up with inov-8 Talon 212's.  They are cool looking.  Can't wait to take them out to the trails to try them out.

Up at weigh-in on Thursday, but just a smidgen.  Truly not the end of the world.  I did purchase 8 coupons, as they are on sale, and decided then and there (and declared it out loud to anyone else who would listen) that this would be the last time I will need to purchase coupons.  Combined with what I already have, this is plenty of time to reach goal.

Only made it to boot camp on Friday (headache Monday, forgot to set alarm on Wednesday) but did cheat on Trainer Josh with Trainer Ally.  She does a fitness class (doesn't call it a boot camp) that focuses more on core and balancing, and is based for runners.  I enjoyed it, but discovered (not a shocker) that my balance sucks.  I may invest in a wobble board.

Today was the Hypothermic Half in Calgary, as well as the virtual run for Sherry.  I printed off a bib this week, posted it on my Facebook group, and got everything ready for today's first race of the year/season. 

Keeping to it's name, Mama Nature decided to chill Calgary out a bit these last couple of days, as we woke up for -16C with a -25C windchill (that'd be -13F, btw).  Add the 80+% humidity, and you've got a bunch of silly runners seriously risking hypothermia!  However, I've run in colder, so it was just a matter of making certain to layer up and layer properly.

Hence: compression socks (oops...broke running cardinal rule #1 - don't try anything new on race day that you haven't done training...)
tights (bought for skiing, they work great under running pants)
running tights.
skin tight wicking shirt
wind resistant over shirt
Resolution 2010 jacket
gloves (which lasted all of 2k on my hands and were carried the remaining 19.1!)
headband.  Glad I resisted the toque urge, as I would have been too hot, and carrying a toque sucks.  Head band can be pulled down around the neck if too hot.

There were about 300 of us running the first leg of the race (10am) and after a bit of jockeying about, we were off.  So happy other runners knew Sherry's story and commented and thanked me for wearing her bib.  The route was an out and back, and after heading briefly east to loop through Prince's Island Park, we ran west to Shouldice, turned around to face the wind blowing at our backs the whole time, and returned the same way.  I ran with a friend, DO, who kept a good pace with me and kept me from pushing too hard.  You see, this technically was a taper training run for me.  Frozen A$$ 50 (yes, that is a FIFTY) is in 9 sleeps.  NINE!!!!!  Maintained a really good pace, kicking it up the last two km (one leap-frogging runner was pissing me off, so I had to beat them across the line...I'm not competitive!) and finishing in a nice respectable 2:38, a full ten minutes faster than last year.  Good thing I held back!  Got the bling at the finish line, met up with the others and then left for why I really run this race every year.  BRUNCH!
Brunch is held at Fort Calgary, and is simple, yet delicious.  Home-made scones with fruit preserves (not jam), fruit salad (just fresh fruit...simple), fluffy scrambled eggs with chives and cheese, hash browns, thick bacon and sausage.  Coffee, juice and loads of water on each table.  We sat with a young man here on his own (I thought he was one of my friends, grey hoodie threw me off, so I just sat down and started talking...good thing I'm shy!) who just arrived in Calgary on Tuesday, and ran this race today.  He's travelling through Canada with work, is here from Germany and is training on his own for the Berlin marathon in the fall.  He completed today's half in 1:39, but was saying he's the slowest of his work team.  Huh...  We talked about Germany, running, where he's been (Toronto), where he's going (Vancouver) and where he works (Mars...yes, the candy bar place) and invited him to join us any Wednesday/Sunday that he needs to.  Oh, and that we run for beer.  He liked that...

After swinging by Gord's, I came home, changed into dry clothes, defrosted my freezer (my fridge has been acting up, and I hope this is the's not that old, and I seriously hope it doesn't need to be replaced), and then ate a random dinner of a mini pizza, spinach dip and some whole wheat pita.  Told you, random.  Caught up on a ton of blogs, and am now thinking it's time for bed.  I do have to run in the morning, but thankfully with the 5k group, it'll be for 30 minutes max.  Then my usual Sunday check up on Mom.  I think I need a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week, but with the reversed pay schedule.  Think that's possible?!

Thank you to everyone out there who thought of Sherry while out running today.  Be safe.


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