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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fourteen sleeps

Been finding it hard to sit and stare at my monitor all night, especially after a busy last week and so far today, staring at a monitor at work all day!  It seems much easier to lay like broccoli on the couch and totally veg out instead.

So, what's new?

Two boot camp sessions...very hard after missing one week in Vancouver.  Slept in on Monday, upper body on Wednesday, squat-a-thon on Friday.  Ow.

Lost one pound.  Yay.  Been enjoying super healthy, hearty oatmeal.  Delish and lasts in my belly.  Yum, yum.  Rest of my meals have been so-so.  Need to get back into habit of menu planning and cooking.  Especially cooking.

Running clinic is going well.  Toying with idea of taking on 10k clinic after this one ends.  Haven't fully decided yet, but I am starting to get into groove of teaching.  Of course, I haven't seen any evaluations yet, so I may speak too soon!  Spoke tonight about motivation and goal setting. 

Had a great taper run on Saturday (25km) and am looking forward to the Hypo half on Saturday as my last real training run before Frozen A$$.  Fourteen sleeps and forecast so far is +4C and sunny.  Fingers crossed that holds out.  It can all break loose the next day...just stay nice on the 20th, 'kay??

Leg not feeling bad, but not great either.  Hoping tomorrow's ART session does something positive.  I did not like last week's laser/taping session.  It did not work.  Tape went on Tuesday, came off Thursday.  It just chased the pain around my leg, like those creepy beetles on The Mummy!

Well, that's it.  I am bagged.  With my achy leg, I haven't been sleeping well.  Fitbit shows me falling asleep quickly but waking up a lot through the night.  That wastes about an hour of quality sleep time.  Not good.


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