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Friday, April 12, 2013

End to a great week

It's been a good great week.  I've run almost 30k since Sunday pain-free, including some uphill and sweet downhill sections and (my favourite) speedwork (800m sprints).  I PR'd a back squat with 95#, and cranked out 20 in a row at 75#.  I push-pressed 75# last night, but couldn't seem to break through to 80#.  Soon...that will happen soon.  I've finally passed under the 200# mark on the digital devil, and have solid prove (physiograph) that I have lost 21.1 POUNDS OF FAT since January 15th.  I'll say that again...-21.1 POUNDS OF FAT!!!  I went from 44.7% body fat to 38.7% in 12 weeks.  Boo-fricken-yah!!!

Last night's WOD was a fun mix of challenging push press to find our max weight, and then a 21-15-9 round of OH walking lunges (holding a weight plate overhead, arms straight, while lunging...each leg) followed by T2B (toes to bar).  My toes are definitely moving higher up the body, so who knows...I may surprise the nuggets out of myself and find those touching the bar any old day now.  Think I'll aim for KTE (knees to elbows) first.  I started out with the 35# plate, but quickly dropped to 25#.  I could do it, just not sure if I could for a total of 90 steps.  After class I had my physiograph.

This is my third since January, when I did the Get Ripped challenge through CFCB.  While I'm not doing the next round of challenge, I and a few of the other ladies are having our own private challenge.  I would have rather to weigh in before class on Saturday, but sadly Coach is busy with expansion, the PR challenge and trying to juggle a whole bunch of enthusiastic crossfitters/coaches.  Turned out not too bad, with only a .8 gain through the day (from weigh-in at WW).  What I loved most of all was the fat number though.  While my muscle pounds haven't changed, my body percentage has, just based on the final number, moving from 26% to 28%.  Danced out of the office with a great big grin on my face!!  Doesn't take much to make me happy!

Quick trip to the grocery afterwards for some diced chicken and bags of salad, and dinner was served.  Totally resisted the urge to treat myself with something ooey and gooey, or even a "quick fix" supper of dip and some kind of dipper.  Considering Calgary's version of a "spring day" begged for comfort food (read: hot, ooey and gooey), I stuck with the cold salad and was fine.  Had it for lunch today too.

Thursday, April 11th

Friday, April 12th

Getting ready for the second PR challenge at CrossFit tomorrow.  Don't even know what it is, as Coach is going to announce it in the morning, aka Open style.  Think there's at least 25 of us competing tomorrow, and again in June.  Should be fun!  Then 18k on Sunday in the snow, yet again.  I'd love to try a Sunday run in nice weather, just to see what it's like, but guess that may have to wait for Funcouver at the beginning of May.  As a lifelong Calgarian, even I am getting weary of Sprinter.  Come on, Mama Nature...what did we do to you?!?  Oh yeah...all the Global Warming crap.  Right.  Sorry 'bout that.

Yay for fitness,

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