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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just when I was getting back into running, they pull me back out.  And by "they", I mean my legs.  I am trying a different approach though, and hope to be back on the pathways soon, like in 2-4 weeks.  This has been rough, but at least I can still do crossfit, as long as I don't jump.  Drat, no burpees for me.  I am so sad.  No, really!

Had a great last week at Crossfit, strangely loving every WOD.  From pull-ups to wall balls, box step-ups, rowing, cleans, snatches and all the other "they sound dirty, but they're really fun" workouts, I am having a blast.  I can only get stronger, and that will help my legs.  David, my RMT, is also a crossfit coach, so he's doing his best to a) heal me, and b) teach me how to do these things properly so I don't fight the same injury down the road.  Sweet...because I want to keep being a Box-Rat, and I have about 12 races in the immediate future!!!

Yes, every year I say I'm going to cut back, and every year I get excited and sucked in and sign up!  I did sell my Hypo bib because I knew I was too injured to run it.  The lady I sold it to is awesome, and had a really strong race.  After scoring a bib from someone else, I did make it in to have brunch with everyone.  What an awesome, and awe-inspiring crowd.  Speaking of...when people ask why I run, I will now answer with this:  today was a new 8k race called Chase the Chicks, and while I didn't register, I did know some people running it.  While out for my walk down at Eau Claire (I really don't know what to do with myself on Sunday mornings other than show up at Eau Claire to run/walk/crawl), I came across the race route in time to cheer on the runners, so I stood with the marshal and we cheered, handed out high-fives and chatted about racing and such.  Along came a lone runner, near the back, and she was limping pretty good.  We both asked if she was okay and needed help, and she said no thanks.  You see, 2 years ago she was in a race and was hit by a truck.  After spending 5 weeks in a coma, and having since relearned how to generally live, she decided she had to get back to racing and thought this would be a great start!!  I will never bitch about my legs again...tears were shed, hugs were handed out and I have immense respect for a lady I don't even know.  So strong is she.

So, between March 17th and October 14th, I have 1 10k, 5 Halfs, 3 marathons, 1 Ultra (50k), 1 29k trail race and 2 5k obstacle races.  And people are still trying to talk me into other events.  And let's face it...I'm rather easy when it comes right down to it!!  Poor David has his work cut out for him, but he knows how stubborn I can be.

Okay...I have to do my homework for physio, and then to bed.  Where did the weekend go???

Keep moving!

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Amber said...

You sign up for SO MANY RACES! Wow!

See you in Vancouver and again in Chicago :)