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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Learning the lingo

The difference between crossfit and bootcamp is more than just the cardio's learning a whole new language.  Box - the gym.  WOD - workout of the day.  AMRAP - as many reps as possible.  HSPU - handstand push-up.  I said, PARDON?!?!?

Yes, tonight I learned out to do a handstand push-up.  Okay, so I didn't do a real handstand this evening.  After all, I've managed to go the first 49 years of my life without a doing handstand of any kind.  Can't even do a cartwheel...can barely do a somersault!!  Did I mention I have the grass of a young moose stuck in the suburbs??

Anyway, with some modifications, I tackled the challenge of HSPU and did this version:

I did not make it crossfit yesterday, as I had both shock-wave (which I actually felt...not painful, but not a walk through the daisies either) and the dreaded Graston.  Seriously, what did I ever do to my chiropractor that makes him hate me so??  I even pay for this torture!  I decided to give my leg a rest last night, so knew I had to get to the Box tonight.  I supposed I should be happy that the WOD was all upper body.  We'll see if I'm still as happy tomorrow, when things have totally seized up!

Warm-up started with seal-jacks (like jumping jacks, but clap arms like a seal), hanging rows (using the rings), regular push-ups and squats.  That was the "warm-up".  Then we had a mini rowing race, where we each rowed 500m (I HEART the rowing machines!), competing for time with the other classes during the day.  My time was 2:12...  After we were good and warm, and had a demo for the HSPU, we got down to the WOD.  For time:
  - 50 girly crunches here folks - full flat on your back, sitting all the way up, reaching your arms for your toes.  That's a sit-up!!
  - 5 HSPU (I used a box, and probably 4" of padding to touch my head to)
  - 15 pull-ups (I jump from a box...working my way up to the rubber day!)
Repeat the HSPU and pull-ups 4 times.
  - 50 sit-ups.  Time.  With my modifications, I finished the WOD in 10:38.  And soaking wet.  I looked like a Reebok's commercial, all splayed out on the floor, gasping for air, covered in sweat.  I'm ready for my close-up!  I am already feeling my abs tightening up.  Tomorrow should be fun!

I actually had today off, as it was another trip to the doctor's for Mom.  Just a script refill, but such a pain.  I think we're good till June now.  I did make sure we both walked out of there with our flu shots, though.  One less thing on the list.  Picked up chocolates, got the refills done, made sure Mom was settled and lunch put away, before heading for home.  Then, at the advise of my hair guy, I was back at the salon today to get Threaded.  All I wanted was some shape to my eyebrows, but he felt my sideburns needed to go as well (damn menopause!)...well, I now have no (or very little) hair on my cheeks, chin, sideburns, neckline, lips and quite the lovely pair of shapely eyebrows.  Didn't hurt too bad...couple of times I jumped, but the girl that did it was wonderful.  And she swears the next time it won't hurt as bad, as the hair grows back finer.  The price we pay for pretty!!

Made an amazing dinner, thanks to Giada, meatball stew.  Mixed x-lean hamburger with half an Italian sausage (uncased) and spices and made meatballs.  Once they were browned, I threw them, a can of diced tomatoes, a quarter cup of barley, some beef stock, zucchini, red pepper, mushroom, carrots and more spices and let it burble all afternoon in the slow-cooker.  Sprinkle with parmesan and WOWZA.  Delicious! According to WW, it's 11 points per serving, but they're counting all the calories from the vegetables in the total.  That's okay...for 11 points, I'm full and I have lunch for tomorrow.

Time for sleep...returning to work tomorrow, and happy to be leaving early.  It was very foggy again in Cowtown, and that means ice on the truck and on the roads.  And snow...yay...more shovelling!

Today I am grateful that I am physically able to do stuff.  May not be picture perfect, or exactly how the pros do it, but I try each and every time.


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