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Sunday, March 11, 2012

MIA Again??

I find when I get really busy are work, staring at computers/spreadsheets all day, the last thing I want to do when I come home is stare at my computer.  Which means it's been almost two weeks since I last blogged.  Guess that much excitement has happened along the way...haven't exactly felt the crushing need to tell you all about it!

Work: Quarter end = uber busy time for me.  Still learning my reports and requirements, and always asking for more.  I want to do well at this job, and I want to be busy.  Busy is good!

Running:  My 5-clinic is winding down, and I am down to 3 devotees.  And one of them is hit or miss, as he is also on the ballroom dancing circuit (yes, seriously) so has to miss clinic nights for either rehearsals or competitions.  I am signed on to head the 10k clinic starting on the 15th, and I do hope for more of a steady turnout.  Or my ego may just take a beating!  I am exciting to be running more than just 10:1's as well, as I am suddenly facing race season head on.  I signed up for more races - a women's only 10K (they had me at Starbucks), and another Spartan type race called Mud Heroes.  Can't wait!

Bootcamp: Was doing well, but my weird leg really acted up this week.  Could be the running, could be the bootcamp, could be I'm 49...we'll never know!  Either way, I had Graston (yes, I actually ASKED for it!) on Wednesday, which promptly made the pain MOVE.TO.A.NEW.SPOT!!!  Needless to say, no running, no bootcamp, no nothin'.  I did go for a walk today while my clinic ran, and while the leg is stiff, it feels better.  I go for another ART session tomorrow (after Friday's emergency ART), so hoping to be back by Thursday for the new clinic.  Getting old(er) sucks.

Weight:  'nuf said.

Okay...I vow to get back into blogging the way I did in the beginning, and will do my best to be entertaining and witty and charming.  Or just honest.  Not sure what sells these days!  Hope everyone had a great weekend (AWESOME weather in Calgary - loved every minute of it) and enjoys the week ahead.  See you all soon.


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