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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let the freak-out begin

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Sunday, October 13, 2013
02 : 19 : 48 : 45
Countdown (Central Daylight Time) say my training has been spotty is saying a lot.  Non-existent is more accurate.  However, what I do have going for me is an incredible stubborn streak.  I will finish.  It will hurt, I do not doubt that.  It will take a long time.  I do not doubt that.  But I.WILL.FINISH.  Period.

Starting laundry and the packing list.  I like that I don't have to fly out until 4pm, which means no early morning freak-out to the airport for me.  Picking up Miss Jenny from her office, and heading up tomorrow afternoon.  I always drive to the airport.  A) it's cheaper for me to park AT the airport for a week than it is to take a taxi both ways.  Go figure.  B) there is nothing I need more at the end of a trip is the ability to walk to MY car, get in and drive away.  Please do not make me wait for a taxi.  Please do not make me wait for a bus to take me to my car.  Please do not make me wait any more for anything.  While I love the destinations when I'm there, I truly wish I could just drive, as I HATE (with a passion) the whole "hurry up and wait" part that is air travel.  I honestly do not understand people that love air travel.  You are all delusional.  There...I said it.

Confirmed a mini-fridge for the hotel, and have figured out where our tours are, in relation.  Also excited that we should be able to go stand in the lake at the end of the race, which will be an awesome way to cool down the legs.  Weather looks like it's cooperating...not too hot, not too cold.

It's going to be an epic weekend...travelling with a group of running friends, and also know about a dozen more from run club heading down.  I think some are gunning for BQs, but many, like me, are just going to say they did it.  This could very well be my last marathon (tear), so I'm going to make sure I enjoy the experience.  Will be taking my camera and notebook, so hope to post some updates about our adventure.

Yay for fitness,

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