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Sunday, September 9, 2012




My third obstacle race of the's becoming my favourite thing to do.  I don't do them fast by any stretch (scared of water and respectful of heights!), but I go in trying my best and succeeding at most.  Yesterday's was run with a group of great friends, and we ran it as a team, helping each other up and over when needed:
  - straw mountains - imagine the big straw rolls, on their side, with others piled on top...up and over everyone.
  - toe or hand holds on these bad boys.  So, whoever gets up first, lean over and help the rest of us.
  - loads of mud...ponds, trenches, slides, rope swings, army crawls.  There was a lot of mud!
  - slanty walls with ropes...short ropes...but made it over!
  - cattle fences (easy-peasy compared to everything else)
We laughed, we ran, we laughed some more, we walked, we swam (okay, others swam...I survived) and we even had a team-member go down (twisted ankle) but no one was left behind.  We just went slower.  A perfect hot, sunny day and most fun had by all.  Can't wait for next year.

Decided that I should actually do some running today, since I have not one but 3 Half marathons in the next 3 weeks, followed by the Nike San Fran marathon in October.  Since this is not the year of the PB for me, I'm not fretting or stressing about it all.  My races will be what they will be.  I just plan on having fun...that has become my mantra this year.  However, met up with a friend, and we did a lovely 10k at a 7:40 pace.  It was overcast and the perfect temperature for a run this morning, and I finished feeling great.  After a morning of coffee and catching up with my fellow runners, I took Mom for her weekly burger and Purdy's supplies.  Can't believe the weekend is over already.  Sad for me.

Not sure which is going to be more painful in the morning...6am bootcamp, my dentist appointment or having to drive to the NE again....I'm going with the drive.  First world problems, huh?  I know...suck it up, buttercup!

Today (and this weekend) I am grateful for my friends that don't care how fast or slow we run, as long as we run together.  Hugs to you all!


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Cathy said...

Hi there, I too have to get back to the world of blogging. I didn't realize all of the posts you had in August. I just caught up. I am so sorry you have had a hard summer. I get the "NO BLISS" part. Also, the no sleep. I think that the lack of a normal sleep pattern is the key. Please let me know if the melatonin works. I am still off of work and slowly sliding down into grumpy, I do not care mode. I have come to realize that I will have this condition for a long, long time and I need to learn to deal with the constant pain and burning and lack of full use of my arm. Sucks! Not what I had pictured for myself, but, it could be worse. There, what I just said is my "bliss" for the day: "I could be worse". So, when are you coming out for a visit? Love ya! Miss ya!