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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've lost mine.  Not sure where I saw it last, or if I put it down somewhere and walked away, but I have lost my bliss.  Haven't even been motivated to blog.  No bliss.

Still running, but getting slower.  No bliss.

Trying new things, but they're getting harder (Spartan - got my butt handed to me!).  No bliss.

Paying Weight Watchers to GAIN weight over the summer.  No bliss.

Summer heat wave & menopause.  Definitely no bliss, but kind of out of my control.  I can still whine about it though!

Came full circle at work, trying something new before being put back in the niche I fit best in.  No bliss.  Add to this, a fire earlier this year at the downtown office has me now driving 20+km a day to the NE, where there is NOTHING (crappy restaurants, no sidewalks, no river pathway, no shopping, no NOTHING), thereby eliminating my daily dose of calming vitamin D and adding to my cloud of blah.  No bliss.

Social life...what social life?  No bliss.

Finances.  No bliss.

Home.  No bliss.

Barely been hiking.  No bliss.

Recently went to Victoria for the Epicure conference.  No bliss.

So...what exactly am I going to do about things?  At this particular point, I really have no idea but I do know I need to do something.  So I'm breaking it into small pieces.  Didn't lose it overnight, can't find it overnight, right?  So please bear with me.

I'm starting with a gratitude journal.  I will take what bliss I can from where I can.  A kiss from a puppy, the smell of rain, sunrise, etc..  I will be grateful for every day that I have.  Every day.  I'm also going to map out some plans for the key things I need to get control of...or at least those things I can control - weight, finances, training.  I'll keep you all informed, in order to keep me focused.

Today's gratitude:  Starbuck's Lime, not too sweet, refreshing and under 100 calories for a vente.  And I am moving somewhat well, even after yesterday's butt-kick Spartan Race.  Heck, I'll even take the fact that I completed yesterday's Spartan race.  It was 5k of humbling moments and I managed to get to the finish line in one piece, albeit after having to get really good at doing burpees!!!


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Amber said...

Was thinking about how I hadn't seen a blog post from you in a long time when you tweeted me the other day. So sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch. Sending good thoughts. I think a daily gratitude journal is a really good start to get yourself back on track. Maybe plan a vacation too??